Toyota Hiace Ambulance

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Toyota Hiace Ambulance 4x2 Ambulancia

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€ 34.500

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  • ID
  • Status do veículo
  • Construção
  • Configuração do eixo
  • Potência do motor
    101 hp / 74 kw
  • Tipo de motor
  • Transmissão
    Transmissão manual
  • Suspensão
    Suspensão da mola
  • Distancia entre eixos
    2.570 mm
  • Pneus
    195 R15C
  • Cabine
    Cabina da tripulação
  • Ano de modelo
  • Dimensão externa
  • Nota
    Sliding door for easy access
    Air conditioning
    Fuel tank capacity: 70 l.
    Owners manual in English

    Ambulance text red (sides, front and rear)
    Beacon (blue with amplifier, speaker and microphone)
    Bench (side, for two persons, re-use of existing bench)
    Fire extinguisher (2kg)
    First aid box (empty)
    First aid kit (in box, large type and fitted)
    Frosted glass (sides 2/3 and back 1/2)
    Rail with hooks for infusion
    Oxygen bag (complete with contents)
    Plywood floor (linoleum covered)
    Roof ventilator (mechanical)
    Room/ roof lamp (2 units)
    Stretcher (C48 with blocking device and mattress)
    Stretcher (sub, foldable, in bag and fixed)
    Working lamp (compact)

    T1, for export outside EU only
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