STI 120-4-MD

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STI 120-4-MD 4-axle Rebaixado

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€ 115.000

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    Suspensão da mola
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    150.000 kg
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    Max payload at 80 km/h 120.000 kg
    At reduced speed payload can be increased to 150.000 kg
    Max weight on kingpin 30.000 kg
    Max weight on axles 120.000 kg
    Dead weight : 25.000 kg
    Four Tandem swinging axles with drum brakes.
    32 + 2 wheels with tires 13 R22.5
    A hardwood floor 35 mm thick.
    Left and right in the side rave eyes with capacity 20 ton.
    Twist locks in the floor for transport of 2 x 20’ containers or 1 x 40’ container.
    Two ramps at rear which tilt and move sideways hydraulically. The hydraulic pump driven via an electric motor with the possibility to also operate it manually.
    Two recess able legs to be used as stabilizer when loading or unloading, these legs can individually be raised and lowered with a winch.
    Demountable winch in order to be able to lift floor panels and wheels at various positions of the trailer.
    High gooseneck suitable for off road purposes
    Gooseneck can be equipped with heavy winch.
    At the rear a position for return pulley (without the pulley).
    Trailer can be used with any 3 or 4 axle tractor head.

    Bed dimensions :
    Length 10750 + 1900 cm
    Width 3600 cm

    Designed for export, built in Germany.
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